About Us

Zugg Software was formed in September 1996, to produce high quality software for the Internet. Zuggsoft is based upon the new software paradigm of the Internet age in which rapid application development techniques can be taken to their next level. In the Internet age, software can be updated and distributed very quickly and inexpensively. At the same time, feedback from customers can be very easily collected via electronic mail. This combination results in software that is driven to customer needs, and software that can change as needed to keep up with new technology and directions.

All software developed by Zugg Software is driven by five key principles:

  • Software that hooks you from the first time you run it,
  • Software that is updated frequently based upon customer input and feedback,
  • Software that is easy-to-use for novice users,
  • Software that is completely customizable and programmable for advanced users,
  • Software that is affordable.