Privacy Policy

What information does Zugg Software collect and How is it used?

Zugg Software collects and stores three kinds of information:

Product Ordering Information

Zugg Software collects and stores the information that you enter into the order form when you purchase from us.  The address information you enter into the order form, along with your Internet Address, order number, and date/time of order is stored in our database.  Your credit card information is never stored anywhere on our system.  Your order information is encrypted and sent to in order to process your order. stores your order information on their secure servers and is responsible for communicating with your bank to process the order and transfer funds.  You should read's own Privacy Statement for more details.

Product ordering information is only used to process your order and to prevent credit card fraud. 

Web Site Registration Information

Zugg Software stores the information that you enter when you register yourself for the Forums on the and web sites.   This information is protected by the password that you select when you register and is never disclosed to anyone outside of Zugg Software.  The email address you entered is protected in the Discussion Forum, allowing people to send you email, but preventing them from knowing what your email address is.

Software Product Registration Information

Older versions of our Software (purchased before September 2005) contact our registration server whenever you run the software to verify your registration information, or to keep track of how many trial evaluations you have left.  Newer versions of our software do not contact any remote server to verify the license.  The software may contact our server to check to see if a new version is available, but this option can be turned off in the Options or Preferences within the software itself.

Will Zugg Software disclose information it collects to others?

Zugg Software has never sold, rented or traded personal information to others and will never do so in the future.  Zugg Software will only partner with other companies that have strict policy statements.  Zugg Software is committed to protecting your privacy.