Syntax: %ansi(fore,back)
Related: %color, #COLOR, #PCOL, #CW

return the ANSI codes for the given colors. Can use a numeric value such as generated by the %color function.

You can also modify the fore and back attributes with the strings:

high highlight (select highlighted color)
bold bold text
rev reverse video
blink blinking text
under underlined text

Recognized color names:
black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, brown, gray, yellow, white

The words "default" and "reset" will reset the colour to its default value, as in the code ESC[0m.


#SHOW %ansi(high,red)Hello %ansi(blink,blue,white)World

displays "Hello" in bright red and "World" in blinking blue letters on a white background

#show %ansi(yellow)Hello %ansi(reset)World

displayes "Hello" in yellow and "World" in the default colour.

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