Syntax: %expand(s,level)

expand variables and functions with the string s. The optional level parameter specifies how much to expand. If omitted or zero, the argument is recursively expanded until it doesn't contain anything left to expand. To expand the string N times, use the number N as the level.

If level is -1, the <> and [] syntax is expanded only. If level is -2, the string is expanded as a trigger pattern (which changes the meaning of the [] characters for example). If level is -3, the <> syntax is expanded for a trigger pattern.


#VAR zuggsoft "Zugg's virtual home."
#VAR email "zugg@zuggsoft"
#SHOW w/o expand: @email


w/o expand: zuggZugg's virtual home.

#SHOW with expand: %expand(@email,1)


with expand: zugg@zuggsoft

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