Syntax: #COND id {pattern} {commands} options
Related: #TRIGGER

Adds a new state to a multistate trigger. If id is omitted, the last trigger created is modified. Options is a string list of options, including the name of the condition type, and the Param value if needed.

More information on options is available here under "Trigger Types".


#TRIGGER {Zugg} {#CW high,red}
#COND {Hello} {#CW high,blue}
Creates a sequential pattern trigger. The "Hello" text from the server is only colored when it is received some time after the Zugg text is received.

#TRIGGER {Zugg} {#CW high,red}
#COND {Hello} {#CW high,blue} {Skip|Param=5}
Only matches the Hello pattern if received 5 lines or more after the Zugg text. This shows an example of how to set the condition type and the condition parameter.

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