Added in v2.0


Syntax: #NOSAVE name value type

Disables saving changes to a named setting to the background database. If value is present and non-zero, then changes to the setting are saved again. The optional type can be used to specify what kind of setting is being changed (alias, trigger, path, variable, macro, event, etc)

Variables with the "Use Default" option are automatically set to "nosave".

When a setting is marked as "nosave", any changes to the setting will not be sent to the database (and will not be saved across sessions). This can be useful for temporary settings since this improves performance for settings that often change their values.

NOSAVE Example

myvar = 0
#NOSAVE myvar
myvar = 1

The value of @myvar stored in the *.PKG database is still zero.

#NOSAVE myvar 1
myvar = 2

The value of @myvar stored in the *.PKG database is now 2.

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