Syntax: #PCOL color XStart XEnd YStart YEnd
Related: #COLOR, #CW

Colors part of a line on the screen. Color is the name of the color, or the numeric value (given by %color). HTML color names (listed in %colorname) or hexadecimal format can be used. If the color name conflicts with an ANSI color name, put "mxp" in front of the name (e.g. mxpred) to get the HTML version.

If XStart is omitted, the start of the line is used. If XEnd is omitted, the end of the line is used. YStart and YEnd are relative to the current line. If missing, the current line is used. If 1, the previous line is used, etc.

The %x1..%x99 system variables can be used for the "XStart XEnd" values of matched trigger patterns in a trigger command.

PCOL Example

#TRIGGER {(%w) tells you} {#PCOL mxpblue %x1}
Colors the text matched by the (%w) in the pattern (XStart and XEnd given by %x1 variable) bright blue.

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