Syntax: #PL filename|off
Related: #MEDIA

Plays the specified multimedia file. The file type is determined from the file extension of the filename. Tested formats are WAV, MID, AVI, MP3. If filename refers to a drive (as in D: ), the drive is assumed to point to a CDROM with a musical CD in it. Any file supported by Windows Media Player should work.

Note that TeSSH does not pause while the media is playing. Unlike in TeSSH, multiple files can be played at the same time.

PLAY examples

#PLAY start.wav
play the startup wav audio file
start playing the CD on drive D:
#TRIGGER {hits you} {#PLAY @sound}
plays the file ouch.wav whenever you are hit. There are real possibilities here!
#PLAY off
Stops playing the current file(s)

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