Connection preferences
Check for new versions
If enabled, TeSSH will check to see if there is a newer version of TeSSH available on the Zugg Software server. It will perform a simple HTTP request when you connect to a server to the server to fetch the latest version number of TeSSH. If this version is later than your current version, then you will be notified via a popup window that a new version is available. If disabled, this automatic check is not performed, but you can still check for a new version manually using the Help/Check for new version menu command. Default is enabled.
Auto reconnect
If enabled, TeSSH will attempt to automatically reconnect your session when you get disconnected from the server. TeSSH will try to reconnect up to 20 times. The first retry interval gives the number of seconds between each of the first 10 attempts. The second retry interval gives the number of seconds between the last 10 attempts. Default is enabled with the first retry interval of 10 seconds, and the second retry interval of 60 seconds. There is no way to make TeSSH attempt a reconnection more than 20 times. This was done to prevent unattended TeSSH sessions left overnight from constantly spamming the server with connect attempts.
Connect timeout
Specifies the number of seconds to wait before giving up on a connection attempt to the server.
Show connection timer
If enabled, the amount of time connected to the server is shown in the status bar. If disabled, the server connection timer is not shown. Default is enabled.
Set KeepAlive for network socket
If enabled, the SO_KEEPALIVE option is set for the socket connection to help prevent it from being closed by remote routers.  Default is enabled.

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