"Settings" are scripts such as aliases, triggers, macros, etc that you create using the Package Editor and which you can share via the Package Library.

"Preferences", on the other hand, are various options and properties used to customize the look and feel of TeSSH. They are still stored within the *.PKG package files and can still be shared in the Package Library. But they are edited using Preferences Editor, which can be displayed using the Options/General menu or by clicking the Prefs button in the toolbar.

There are hundreds of options and properties that can be set in the Preferences Editor. They are organized by a Primary Page category shown along the left, and then organized by Secondary Tabs shown along the top. So, first select the category page on the left by clicking on one of the category tabs, then select a secondary tab along the top to view the main editor panel for that collection of options.

Each Primary Page is documented in more details via topics shown on the left. Select the page that you want more help on.

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