DNS Lookup

DNS Preferences
In order to connect to a remote server server, the Hostname of the server must be converted to an IP address. This conversion is performed by the Domain Name Service (DNS) running on your computer. This is the same service used by the 'nslookup' command in a Command Prompt window within Windows.

TeSSH makes several attempts to convert your hostname to an IP address. First, the 'Min Timeout' delay is used. If a response is not received from your DNS server within this number of seconds, then the timeout value is incremented by the 'Timeout Inc' field and TeSSH tries again. This continues until the 'Max Timeout' value is reached. If the DNS server still cannot be contacted, then a failure message is displayed.

The correct values for your DNS server is set in your Network Properties and is typically provided by your ISP. If you are having trouble with the DNS lookup, contact your ISP to set your network properties correctly.

You can also bypass the DNS lookup by specifying the IP address of the server server directly into the Hostname field for your session.

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