Sound Protocol (MSP) Options

MSP Preferences

Enable server Sound Protocol
If enabled, MSP commands sent from the server result in sounds being played. If disabled, MSP commands are ignored. Default is enabled.
Echo MSP triggers
If enabled, MSP commands are echoed to the server output window when they are received. This is useful for debugging purposes. Default is disabled.
Allow inline MSP
The original MSP specification required each MSP command to be sent from the server on it's own line. If this option is enabled, TeSSH will also recognize MSP commands embedded within the middle of a line.
Enable sound downloading
If enabled, sound files that cannot be found on disk can be automatically downloaded from URLs provided by the server.  Default is enabled.
Show download progress window
If enabled, a popup window will be displayed while a sound file is being downloaded. If disabled, the download occurs in the background. Default is enabled.
Play sound after download
If enabled, the sound is still played after it is downloaded the first time. If disabled, the sound is not played the first time it is downloaded. Default is enabled.
Default URL path
Gives the default URL path for downloading sound files that are not found on the local disk. This is typically set by the server via the MSP command, but can be overridden here.

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