MSP Sounds

MSP Option Preferences
When each MSP command is received from the server, an entry is made in this list of sound files. This allows you to see each sound file that the server attempts to play.

The -All- dropdown box allows you to filter the display to only show sounds within a specified "sound class".

You can click on a sound in the list to see the details of this sound on the right side of the screen. The Class for the sound will be shown, along with the full trigger text.

The URL for downloading the sound is displayed and can be changed. The filename for the sound is also displayed and can get changed. The play button can be used to test the sound.

You can prevent a specific MSP sound from being heard by disabling the "Enable this sound" option. You can also enable or disable the entire sound class.

Sounds shown in red color cannot be found on the local disk and cannot be played.

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