General Scripting

Scripting preferences

Echo commands
If enabled, commands sent to the server via the command line are automatically echoed to the session output window (local echo). If disabled, command text is not displayed to the output window unless it is received back from the server (remote echo). Default is enabled.
Show information messages
Some commands produce informational output. If this option is disabled, that output is not displayed. Default is enabled.
Show trigger debug messages
If enabled, a debug message is echoed to the screen when any trigger fires.  Default is disabled.
Do not display password text
If enabled, any command containing your password text for the session is not displayed in the output window. Be careful if you use a common text sequence for your password. If disabled, text from the server that contains your password text is displayed normally. Default is enabled.
Allow wildcards within {} trigger patterns
If enabled, wildcards are allowed within {} trigger patterns.  If disabled, wildcard characters within {} (or variables used within {}) are treated as normal characters.  Default is enabled.
Delay between sending lines
This value can be used to add a small delay between sending multiple commands (separate with ; on the command line). It is the number of milliseconds of delay to add between each command. Default is zero.
Default scripting language
Used to set the default scripting language for new scripts.  Default is "zScript".

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