Scrollback preferences
Maximum lines to save in scrollback window
While the number of lines you can save to your scrollback region is limited only by the amount of memory on your computer, you can set the maximum lines here to prevent TeSSH from using too much memory. Remember that each window can have it's own preference settings.  Default is 1000.
Refresh Amount
When scrolling a large amount of text, TeSSH only actually refreshes the screen after this "Refresh Amount" number of lines have been received.  The screen is always refreshed when the end of a network packet is encountered.  Setting this to zero will allow TeSSH to process a very large amount of text very quickly and will only update the screen when the end of a packet is encountered.  Setting this to 1 will cause TeSSH to update the screen after each line is received, which will result in the smoothest but slowest scrolling.  Default is 6.
Splitscreen scrolling
If enabled, the screen is split into two parts when you activate the scrollback region (like when pressing PageUp or PageDn keys).  The bottom part of the screen will continue to show any live text received from the server.  The top part of the screen will show the scrollback history.  A splitter bar can be dragged between these two regions to control how much of each region is shown.  If disabled, only the scrollback region will be shown when scrolling and no live text form the server will be shown.  Default is enabled.
If enabled, scrollbars are displayed in the main window to allow both vertical and horizontal scrolling.  If disabled, no scrollbars are shown (although the scrollback region can still be viewed using the PageUp and PageDown keys).  Default is enabled.
Show timestamps
If enabled, each line in the window will display the timestamp of when it was received on the left margin of the window.  If disabled, no timestamp information is shown for this window.  Default is disabled.
Show delta time
If enabled (and Show Timestamps is also enabled), the timestamp shown in the left margin will represent the difference in time between when the current line is received and when the previous line was received.  Default is disabled.
Timestamp format
Allows you to set the exact format of the timestamp string shown in the left margin.  See the %time function for a description of the allowed characters in this string.  Default is "hh:nn:ssa/p"

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