Added in v2.0


Syntax: #SENDSB number text
Related: #SENDRAW

Send raw data to the server server via the Telnet IAC SB subchannel command. The text is not echoed or parsed in any way. The "IAC SB number" is added to the beginning of the text and IAC SE is added to the end of the text. The number is the Telnet Option number to be sent to the server.

This command is typically used within a Telnet Trigger type in response to the server sending subchannel text via IAC SB. If #SENDSB is used within a Telnet Trigger to send any text, then any response normally sent by TeSSH is suppressed for that telnet option.

SENDDB Example

#SENDSB 200 "test"

Sends IAC SB 200 test IAC SE to the server.

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