Package Files

Package Files
Specifies the primary *.PKG package file to be loaded for this session. Click the Browse button to select a file from the disk.
Specifies the name of the *.XLY layout file used to store the window docking layout and customized toolbar settings for this session. Only the filename should be given (no path information). This file will be loaded from the same Path directory as the primary package file.
Use Layout
If enabled, the *.XLY layout file is loaded when this session is opened, and the window docking layout is automatically saved when the session is closed. If disabled, no layout is loaded for this session. You can also hold down the Shift key when clicking the Connect to Session or Open session Offline options to open the session without loading the layout file (but still saving the new window layout when the session closes).
Shows the full directory path where the primary package file and layout files are loaded from. You can only change this by using the Browse button to locate the primary package file.
This is a list of the other packages that are loaded for this session. Each package is loaded in the order specified in this list. The primary package file given by the Filename field (above) is loaded last.
To Edit the list of packages using the Package Library, click the top Edit button. Click the 'Plus' button to simply locate a *.PKG file on the disk and add it to the list. Click the 'Minus' button to remove the selected package from the list. Use the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to move the selected package up and down in the list to change the loading order.
For new sessions, this Packages list is pre-populated using the packages listed in the Package Preferences screen.

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