Added in v2.0


Syntax: #SORT listname flag
Related: #ADDITEM

Keeps the specified string list variable sorted. listname is the name of the variable to sort (do not specify the @ character). If flag is zero, then the string list is no longer kept sorted.

NOTE: Testing a value in a string list using %ismember is significantly faster when a string list is sorted.

SORT Example

List = {Zugg|Darker|Chiara}
#SORT List
#SHOW @List

Displays "Chiara|Darker|Zugg"

#ADDITEM List Fang
#SHOW @List
Displays "Chiara|Darker|Fang|Zugg"

#SORT List 0
#SHOW @List

Displays "Chiara|Darker|Fang|Zugg|ABC"

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