Status items

"Status items" are text strings displayed in either the status bar at the bottom of the server output window, or in the global status window. These strings are evaluated for variable or function references before being displayed. They can also contain color using the %color function, or even MXP/HTML tags.

To create a status item displayed in the status bar of the current window, use the #STATUS command:

#STATUS {Ping: @ping ms}

will display a text item like: "Ping: 100 ms" in the status bar if @ping contains 100. As these variables change, the status bar is automatically updated.

To create a status item displayed in the main status window, use the #STWIN command. The %cr variable can be used to insert a newline for multiline status items.

You can create status items in the Package Editor using the Editing Status item screen.

Each status item can have an optional id field. You can use this id field to modify the value of an existing status item.

Status items can be enabled or disabled using the #T+ and #T- commands. If a status item is disabled, then it is not displayed in the status bar or status window.

Each individual status item can be displayed on the status line, status window, or both. Windows that contain more than one status item will display them in order of priority.

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