Tab Completion

You can use the Tab key within the TeSSH Command line to perform "Tab Completion". When the Tab key is pressed, the server output window and your list of tab completion words is scanned, and any word that begins with the characters typed so far on the command line will be expanded within the command line.

For example, if the server recently displayed the line:

ls> mylongfilename.txt

and you then enter "my" on the command line and press Tab, then the command line will expand to show "mylongfilename". This is useful for saving time typing long words that are already displayed.

You can edit your list of tab completion words using the View/Tab Completion menu. You can also add words to the list using the #TAB command.

For example, if the word "CompanyName" is in your tab completion list, then when you type the letter 'C' on the command line and then press the Tab key, the command line will expand to show "CompanyName".

Each word in the tab completion list can also have an optional "Value". The Value is used as a substitution when the entire word is entered into the command line and the Tab key is pressed. For example, if the Value field for the "Name" word was "My Long Company Name" then when you type "Name" into the command line and press Tab, it will be expanded into "My Long Company Name"

Note that you can enter just 'N', then press Tab to expand it to "Name" and then press Tab again to expand to the "My Long Company Name" value.

Aliases can also be expanded with the Tab key. If you enter the name of an Alias on the command line and then press Tab, TeSSH will replace the command line with the script value of the alias (if the Expand Aliases with tab completion preference is enabled) . If there is a tab completion word with the same name as an alias, then the tab completion word will be used instead.

You can also expand previous commands entered on the command line using the command line history. Enter the first few letters of a previous command and press the Up-Arrow key to recall the full command that started with those letters.

See the Basic Usage topic for more information about the command line.

Server-based Tab Completion

Many server shells support their own tab completion for paths and filenames.  TeSSH has a Preference option to enable "Server-based Tab Complation" that will add this feature to the Command Line.  TeSSH supports this feature by sending text to the server behind the scenes, so it will only work if your main session window is still actually at your shell prompt.  If you are within an editor, such as "vim" then server-based tab completion will not work since TeSSH requires the remote shell to process it.

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