Syntax: #WA time

Suspends the current thread and waits for the specified number of milliseconds before continuing.

In v2.0 and later, this command properly uses multiple threads. In versions prior to 2.0, this command utilized a Windows message loop to delay, which could cause problems if multiple WAIT commands were active at the same time.

In v2.0 and later, this command should only be used for simple scripts where there are no thread synchronization issues or where you have avoided those issues with the #SECTION command. To avoid problems with thread synchonisation entirely, use the #ALARM command instead of using #WAIT.

The #WAIT command on its own with no parameter will still cause the script to run in a new thread but without causing any waiting.

WAIT examples

#WA 2000;kill citizen
wait for 2 seconds, then send the kill citizen command to the server
#LOOP 10 {kill %{i}.bear;#WAIT 5000}
sends the commands "kill 1.bear", "kill 2.bear", "kill 3.bear", etc, but with a 5 second delay between each "kill" command. This example only works properly in v2.0 or later.

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