Script Wizard

Added in v3.16

Script WizardTeSSH contains a powerful Script Wizard that helps you create simple scripts with very little knowledge of programming.  The Wizard splits the script into multiple "steps" and pre-defines several useful types of steps, such as sending data to the server, coloring text on the screen, substituting text on the screen, playing sounds, etc.  You can easily switch between the Wizard and the full Script Text to see exactly how the wizard is handling certain steps to help you learn how programming works.

NOTE: The Script Wizard is only available for the zScript programming language.

The Overview tab gives a basic overview of the steps in your script.  Each step is a hyperlink that you can click on to jump to that step, or you can select the step in the list of tabs along the left side of the script.

To add a new step to your script, select the type of step to add from the dropdown list at the bottom of the wizard, then click the Add New Step button.  The new step will be added just after whatever step was previously selected.  To delete a step, select it and then click the Delete button.

Some steps can be converted to other step types.  For example, any step can be converted to a "Custom code" type.  Simply select the step, then select the new type of step from the dropdown list, then click the Convert button (between the Add and Delete buttons).  If the current step cannot be converted to the selected type, the Convert button will be disabled.

Steps can be moved up and down in the script using the Up and Down buttons just to the left of the step Type dropdown.  You can also drag/drop the tabs on the left side of the script to reorder the steps.

To view the entire script as plain text within the programming editor, click the "Script Text" tab along the bottom of the window.  To see your script split into steps again, just click the Wizard tab again.  You can freely move between the wizard and the main editor window.  TeSSH will automatically keep both views in sych.

When you select a specific step, any options or properties of that step will be displayed within the wizard.  In addition, each step can have a "Optional description" which is converted to a comment line within your script.  The Wizard screen will contain detailed help information about each step type, so be sure to fully read the editor screen for help.

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