Zugg Software has been providing timely and high-quality customer support since 1994.  Email requests are typically answered within 48 business hours.  New versions of our software are usually released on a monthly basis to fix bugs and add new features.  Most features in our software were suggested by other customers.  We pride ourselves on producing "Customer Driven Internet Solutions" that meet the needs of our customers.  We realize that when somebody pays money for software instead of using a free solution that they are often buying the customer support.

To get support directly from Zugg Software, email us at or fill out our online request form.  All documentation for our products is also available online. 

You can also get useful help from other customers in our active Support Forums.  If you have already purchased a product, you can post to the forums by logging into your existing account.  Even if you haven't purchased any product, you can still Register to create a Forum account to post your questions.

We highly value your feedback and suggestions.