TeSSH Screenshot
  • Client-side Scripting
  • Tabbed, Docked, Floating
    Multiple Session Windows
  • Integrated FTP/SFTP
  • XTerm and VT100
  • Macros, Aliases, Triggers,
    Buttons, Events
  • Windows 7 Support

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TeSSH - Advanced Windows SSH Client

TeSSH is a fully scriptable and highly advanced SSH and Telnet client for Windows.  It includes both the LUA scripting engine, as well as the zScript scripting engine (from the CMUD and zMUD clients).  Full VT100 and xterm emulation is provided, including 256 color and mouse support.  Integrated SFTP support is also provided.

A Windows SSH client is used to connect to remote computers.  IT professionals, such as system and network administrators, need to use a SSH client to connect to these remote computers securely.  TeSSH includes many features designed to increase your efficiency when managing these remote systems.

Take a look at the Full list of Features for more details. 

The main features are:

  • Client-side scripting allows any Windows scripting language can be used, but enhanced support is provided for LUA and zScript.  zScript is a scripting language optimized for Telnet and SSH sessions.
  • Multiple windows can be used to create a complex layout, including tabbed, docked and floating windows.
  • Triggers run scripts based upon text received from the server.  Aliases run scripts assigned to shortcut words.  Macros run scripts assigned to the keyboard.  Buttons run scripts when you click them.  All of these features allow you to create a custom interface for each collection of servers that you manage.
  • Integrated FTP and SFTP allow you to upload and download files, or edit remote files using the local editor complete with syntax highlighting based upon the file extension.
  • Full emulation for VT100 and xterm protocols is provided.