TeSSH v3.33a Public Version released

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TeSSH v3.33a Public Version released

Includes the brand new Script Wizard and Trigger Pattern Wizard, improved Lua, improved Telnet, floating buttons, SQL scripting, FTP/SFTP, and much more!

New Script Wizard allows you to create simple scripts step-by-step without needing to know anything about the TeSSH scripting language. Especially great for creating simple triggers that color text from the server.

New Trigger Pattern Wizard helps you create a trigger pattern based upon text received from the server. Highlight the portion of the server text that changes and select the type of wildcard matching. Select multiple lines from the server and "merge" them into a valid trigger pattern. Great for learning how to create triggers without previous knowledge of regular expressions or patterns.

New Floating Buttons were added. Simply set the Toolbar property of a button to zero and it will float over the main session window. You can also Unlock the buttons and then drag/drop them using the mouse to whatever location you wish.

New String List and Table (database variable) code allows fully nested tables and greatly improved speed.

New SQL database commands and functions were added. TeSSH can only open almost any database format, including SQLite, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, etc.

New Telnet features include xterm emulation support, including xterm 256 color mode and xterm mouse support. For Telnet character mode, a complete keyboard map can be used to determine exactly which control codes are sent to the server, and which are used to activate local macros or menu commands. Telnet option negotiation has been made more robust with proper separation of client and server options.